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Have a great product or service but not sure how to stand out? Let us guide you through the process from competitor analysis to discovering your unique aesthetic! We take care of everything so all you have to do is sit back and let us know your thoughts! 

Ready to give your business a great first impression?

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Be Recognizable: How will your customers know it's you at any given location? They could see your logo, your colors or perhaps a whole advertisement, a unified front makes for an instant connection!

Create The Right Impression: Is your brand feminine, outdoorsy or maybe even both? *gasp* Send the right message to let your tribe know they're in the right place!

Inspire Trust & Loyalty: It is said that the more times you see a brand, the more likely you are to buy from them. Keeping everything cohesive plays a huge part in creating return clients.

Bring Together A Community: What better than to bring together a group of people under one mission? With consistent branding, members feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves!

Beauty Products


 · Competitor Analysis

· 2 Revisions Single Logo

· 2 Revisions Color Palette

· 2 Revisions Font Pairing

· 1 Custom Pattern

· 1 Page Style Guide 




 · Business Card

· Envelope

· Letterhead

· Thank You Card

· Newsletter

· E-signature 

*Need something else instead or an addition piece? Get In Touch


 · Competitor Analysis

· 4 Revisions Single Logo

· 4 Revisions Horizontal Logo

· 4 Revisions Submark Logo

· 4 Revisions Color Palette

· 4 Revisions Font Pairing

· 2 Custom Patterns

· 5 Page Style Guide

· 50% Off 1 Add-on 


 · Business Card $80

· Letterheads $80

· Envelope $65

· Print & Digital Brochure $150

· Print & Digital Newsletter $150

· Packaging Label $100

· Other Packaging Get In Touch 

· Exhibition Stands $300-$500


· 5 Page Media Kit $200


Image by Kyle Glenn


Initial Discovery Meeting: The first meeting of the rest of  your business! We talk about what you do, why you do it and who you want to do it for. This will guide the rest of our process.

Mood boards: Once we have a solid idea of what you're looking for, you'll be presented with 3 mood boards with different directions we can work from.

Font, Colors, Patterns & a Logo: To get going, we first take a look at fonts and colors. This will help us put together a logo and even some custom patterns!

Style Guide: To bring everything together in a nice, neat and easily accessible format, your awesome new branding is put together in a PDF Style Guide to help keep things cohesive any time something new is being created for your brand!


Do I need to know the exact look I'm going for?

Definitely not! We understand that putting a face to your brand can be a daunting process and as such, there are a lot of uncertainties around what direction is best. Through competitor analysis and market research, we can assure you fit into your industry but stand out from your competitors!

What file format will I recieve the final product in?

We provide PNG, JPG, EPS and AI files. *Please ask if your required format is not listed*

Who owns the right to the final product?

You do! It's even included in the contract for extra assurance!

What if I would like something not shown on the add-on list?

Please feel free to ask! We are more than happy to try and accomodate any requests to the best of our abilities!

What if I would like a custom package?

Reach out and let us know what you'd like! We're always here to try and find solutions!

Can I order an "add-on" separately?

Yes you can! Simply contact us and let us know!


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